launch night…… all begins

My five sentences……they are short

· Being greeted at the door of  the Bluenose Room of The #DeltaHalifax with smiling faces, a beverage and an appetizer was the beginning of an inviting, welcoming, and friendly evening;……..then there was the picture taking:)

· An inspiring and motivating experience from start to finish; smiling faces all around.   Learned a lot about what I should be eating………dinner was a finely prepared example.  I did notice that nachos wasn’t on any list……I was pretty sure that wasn’t to be the case:)

· Devin’s enthusiasm is contagious…………I was ready to start running right then and there;

· Hearing Peter speak about his personal experience with Team Myles; how seeing a photo finish of his son and him crossing the finish line brought an instant smile; How Team Myles is a life changing experience if you allow it to be; Team Myles; being a ‘real team’; how involving others in your experience is a very good idea is good advice, motivating and overall it was a great talk;

· Allowing Team Myles to be a life altering experience……invest yourself and you’ll see the results! It may not always be easy………..but it’ll be worth it!!

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