Full Disclosure

Four points of disclosure:

1) I have run the Blue Nose 10km before
2) I have not run in 2 years
3) I am definitely a fair-weather runner (love warm sunny days…rainy/snowy days, not so much)
4) I have always considered myself a “solo” runner (is that a thing?)

As a member of Team Myles, running in the 10th Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon, I expect that I will have to come to terms with the last three statements shortly.

Team Myles
For the last two months I have been super excited about being a part of Team Myles. I have to admit initially it was all about just getting back in shape and hoping to beat my dad in the 10km on race day.

However, that changed on January 26 when I met the rest of Team Myles and the amazing support people that make everything happen.  That night, Peter Harrison from C100 shared his emotional Team Myles journey, chef Les Stevens and Michelle MacLean offered up healthy recipes and tips for eating better while training, and most of all, the enthusiasm the mentors and organizers have for this whole experience was overwhelming.

On top of all that, my soon-to-be friends on Team Myles 2013 seem really awesome.

I quickly realized that this opportunity is not just about running. It’s about teamwork, commitment, building relationships and adopting healthier habits. All that to say…I can’t wait to start this adventure!

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