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First Long Run

Today was our first long run at Point Pleasant Park. After navigating the skating rink in the parking lot we had a good cheer and off we went! Devin, being the sly trickster he is, changed things up from the planned “walk 1 min run 1 min” formula to “walk 1 min run 2 mins” […]

Vitamins you want to take:)

Team Myles Mentor #BlueNose2014 Hi everyone; Wanted to let you know my personal experience with the fabulous gift we received from Life Science Nutritionals – their #AdultEssentials  adult vitamin gummies [they also have child gummies:)]    They are delicious! We were given Vitamin B 12 and D and a Women’s Multivitamin.   The timing of this wonderful gift could not […]

I KNOW they say it’s Spring……….but really…………a blizzard is coming??!!

Hill Training – March 25th    #BlueNose2014 Good thing training was tonight since tomorrow evening our City might be closed down.  It was bitter wind tonight………but we’re committed.  Team Myles was out in force running those Hills.  Devin from #360Fit was leading the charge. A surprise which will take us right through til the end of […]