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Blog 2: by Blur

Hello Week Three!   So we are just getting into week three of training, and things could not be going better. The initial shock of waking up early on Sunday is over, the aches and pains from running seemed to have left, and everyone on Team Myles 2018 seems to be more and more motivated! […]

Week 1 – A little History

A little history about my fitness: In 2006 my daughter became very ill and I feared we may lose her, but thank heavens she survived. After a long stay in the hospital she finally came home but treatment meant chemo pills and prednisone, which if you know prednisone it is not a kind drug, mood […]

First run complete!!

Just completed my first run! I feel like I did really good, considering I’m prone to getting shin splints and I haven’t run in I don’t know how long. I’ll only get better from here. Looking forward to the training until the marathon. My personal goal is to complete 10K! Let’s hope I can do […]