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Why Now? The Perfect Storm

Firstly, My name is Alex. Signing up for Team Myles was a stretch for me. It involves two things I thought I’d hate the most; running, and exercising in public. Just over 5 years ago I was sitting at 330lbs, the heaviest I’ve been. I was unhappy with myself, and I was falling back into […]

So. Many. Hills!

If you’ve ever walked or run around the HRM you learn pretty quick how hilly this province is! I moved to my new neighborhood last summer, and although I know my usual route was pretty hilly, I never really noticed it much. Until today! I haven’t run much since December. Maybe once a week. And […]

Proud of my Pod

To make things easier on the race directors, coaches, mentors and most importantly team members the group is divided into small pods with a dedicated mentor to help answer questions, provide encouragement and sometimes yell ( here’s looking at you Chrissy).  Its a little unsettling to reach out to a group of random ladies and […]