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A little pep talk

This isn’t a strictly Team Myles post, but it’s something I think we all need to think about as we’re getting fitter and healthier. As we’re all working towards our goals of running the 5k or 10k, we’re starting to see changes in our bodies. It happens to all of us – maybe you’ve lost […]


Not sure how many nights now i’ve done hills but one thing i’ve learned is “JUST DO IT!!!” With everything in life we all can find something else to do when the time comes, but having done it is so much more rewarding.  I’ve learned in this journey discipline and commitment is key.  I have […]

Backwards? Why not!

First of all: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Tonight #TeamMyles celebrated by participating in the time-old, classic and true Irish tradition of running up a crazy hill in bone-chilling temperatures… backwards! Who needs Guiness to keep warm?!?  Not Team Myles! In all seriousness, tonight was awesome! We did some regular sprints, sidesteps and backward drills. We finished […]

I’m Back!!

Last year I had the great pleasure of being part of #TeamMyles. When I started I struggled to run 2 minutes non-stop let alone 10k. By the time the Blue Nose Weekend came along I was delighted to be able to complete the 10k with friends I had made over the course of the 12 […]