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Day 1

I’ve been waiting in anticipation for #TeamMyles2018. I woke up Sunday morning feeling brave, ready to get it done. The group was pumped full of excitement, the air was brrrr cold but we didn’t mind. We set out to reach our running destination, not as pretty as I hoped but still we were outside so […]

1st Day Down!

We had our first run on Sunday with the new Team. How exciting to be doing this again this year but as a Mentor this time around! It seems like yesterday I was one of  the new ambassadors  for Team Myles wearing my new green shirt and  full of nerves and self doubt. Wondering what […]

Sick and Tired..

Being a shift worker has been my biggest challenge during Team Myles training. My co workers were incredibly supportive and helped me out by doing shift switches with me so that I would have the days off that I needed in order to get to most Thursday hills and Sunday long runs, however, that meant […]

Holy Hills Batman

Today’s weight is: i have no sweet clue but i know it’s too much. So the Bluenose is coming up soon, which is exciting. But also kind of terrifying because my experience with Team Myles will end and i’m sure i will just stop working out or being consistent just like last year after the […]