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Sick and Tired..

Being a shift worker has been my biggest challenge during Team Myles training. My co workers were incredibly supportive and helped me out by doing shift switches with me so that I would have the days off that I needed in order to get to most Thursday hills and Sunday long runs, however, that meant […]

Holy Hills Batman

Today’s weight is: i have no sweet clue but i know it’s too much. So the Bluenose is coming up soon, which is exciting. But also kind of terrifying because my experience with Team Myles will end and i’m sure i will just stop working out or being consistent just like last year after the […]

Month One

After being with Team Myles for a month, a lot has changed.. Breathing till the End: I used to get winded while running for 20 minutes. Mentors have taught me how to slow down, so I can go longer and not be gasping for air at the end. Pushing the Limits: Coach Leanne said something […]