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Better Call Paul

My knee khurts. It’s been hurting for some time… I probably should have addressed it mid-last week, but I was too “busy”, I thought it would go away, yada, yada. Truthfully, it is feeling better than it was at the height of it’s pain, but it was so bad that I missed last Saturday’s group […]

Working through the pain!

So last Saturday was the worst my knee has been all training period. I wasn’t even recovered by hills time, I’m pretty sad about that. I did go and cheer on the team though, they’re working really hard! I had a physio appointment and here is what I’m up to now. Rolling before every run, […]

Is my knee getting better?

I have been stretching and working on my left knee for about two weeks now. Also I have been trying to increase the strength of my inner quads. Both recommendations were from my physiotherapist Karen Decker. I saw her last Wednesday and she said that I’m making improvements. Sure doesn’t feel that way. On Saturday […]