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A little pep talk

This isn’t a strictly Team Myles post, but it’s something I think we all need to think about as we’re getting fitter and healthier. As we’re all working towards our goals of running the 5k or 10k, we’re starting to see changes in our bodies. It happens to all of us – maybe you’ve lost […]

Hills: Week 2

Survived hills night number 2! It was much nicer out than last week, temperature-wise. My lungs felt a lot better than last week, but my legs were not any more cooperative. To be fair, I AM hauling approximately 100lbs extra weight up and down that hill compared to my soccer-playing athletic teenage years… So I […]

Hills Night #1

Current temperature in Halifax: -12 degrees C. Yes. MINUS TWELVE. Tonight was our first Team Myles training session. Citadel hill. We did 10 sprints of 30 seconds up the hill, and finished it off by going all the way to the top. Hardest run I’ve ever done! I sat out sprint #3 because my butt […]