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I did it!

Wow! I finished the 10K, and then some because I ended up making a couple wrong turns lol. My shins didn’t bother me once, which is surprising! Everyone along the side of the streets were cheering us on, which was awesome! I feel like I had a pretty good time, considering what happened! I finished […]

Getting easier each week!

So I’m still feeling a little nervous before I run because there are others who are faster than me. I know I’m not gonna be at that point right away though, especially where I can’t make it every night. The hills are pretty challenging for me too, but they’re getting a little easier. I still […]

The day after!

I woke up this morning with sore legs and hips! I guess that’s a good thing though! I had an Epsom salt bath last night after I got home to help my aching muscles, and that seemed to help! Today was my first day back to work after maternity leave. I thought my legs would […]

Mixed emotions


<img When Devin told us Tuesday past that it was our last hill night, I couldn’t help but feel sad (who would’ve thunk it!) I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the motivation to run up and down Citadel Hill again without Devin, Cindy and the crew! Although I’m a bit depressed about this all […]