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Moving Forward

  My left side/shoulder neuralgia pain  (  the stuff that lingers after you have shingles)  flares up during the 6 minute dash up the Hill on Tuesday’s training night.  I’ve recently learned that it gets triggered by certain movement – who knew that running affected the upper body ? As a result, my dash, well, didn’t […]

Myles in PAIN!

At our recent hill training, March 19th on the Citadel I experienced the worst pain ever in my 10 years. I think it might have had to do with the 500g container of greek yogurt I ate before tackling hill training. I think it was our 4th interval up the hill when I got a […]


I start thinking about it every Tuesday morning and its in the back of my mind all day.   It haunts me, taunts me,  and I swear it gets steeper and higher every single week.  I look at the weather  forecast thinking maybe I don’t have to go, I think maybe I don’t feel good, I have […]

Whoa Hills!

This post goes out to all my Blue Nosers who ran or walked the 5k last year. On Tuesday we hit Citadel Hill for hill training. I was not ready for that! A total of 8 runs up the hill with everyone hitting the top on the 5th go and about 30 seconds of cool down […]