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Race day!

Its so hard to find the right words to try to begin to express the mixture of emotions from race day. When my alarm went off at 5am I already had my Team Myles shirt laid out with the rest of my outfit and gear, breakfast was planned and anything I could have ready was […]

Old Sole

I actually began writing this blog last week, but true to the story, life kind of happened in between… Last week I was feeling a bit weary. I certainly wouldn’t say unmotivated, run down maybe? Sometimes so much is going on behind the scenes, that it’s hard to know what to show on the surface. […]

Better Call Paul

My knee khurts. It’s been hurting for some time… I probably should have addressed it mid-last week, but I was too “busy”, I thought it would go away, yada, yada. Truthfully, it is feeling better than it was at the height of it’s pain, but it was so bad that I missed last Saturday’s group […]

Listen to the mentors ;)

I knew the difference, but I didn’t care! I was starving. I missed my early supper around 4 before citadelhill because of an appointment, so at 5:30 I shoved a sandwich down my gob and I may or may not have eaten a delicious, soft fresh piece of pita bread as well. And a cookie. […]