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If Plan A doesn’t work …

“If plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters – 204 if you’re in Japan.”  – Claire Cook Well this week has certainly presented it’s challenges to getting into/maintaining the regular exercise routine. A positive – pretty proud of the fact that I postponed Saint Patrick’s Day festivities until after we did hills! After that I […]


Not sure how many nights now i’ve done hills but one thing i’ve learned is “JUST DO IT!!!” With everything in life we all can find something else to do when the time comes, but having done it is so much more rewarding.  I’ve learned in this journey discipline and commitment is key.  I have […]

#TeamMyles2015 does hills,road and gym

The weather has been battling with us, but if we can not hit the road. The #TeamMyles group is lucky enough to be able to use our #360fit membership, and then #rechargewithmilk   This year I listened to Paul @Pedorthist_NS  from Centric Health, LifeMark Health – Atlantic Region and Bruce from the TheReal Halifax Running Room @RunningRoom luv my new […]

Week 3 is here! ^_^

This week, we only managed to do the hills because of winter. Even though it was only one day of training, it was a bit more intense than the previous 2 weeks. This is because we ran up the hill both sideways and then backwards. I was really nervous to run up the hill backwards, […]