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What the HILL????? from #iRun

Have you read #iRun??  If you haven’t………please check it out………it’s amazing!!   This month they The Obsessive Runner – Andrew Chak describes “Hills” and running them.  Below is a sample of the article. 1: The easy peesy “Did you see my commercial?” hill This is the happy hill. It’s the hill where I picture myself […]

I KNOW they say it’s Spring……….but really…………a blizzard is coming??!!

Hill Training – March 25th    #BlueNose2014 Good thing training was tonight since tomorrow evening our City might be closed down.  It was bitter wind tonight………but we’re committed.  Team Myles was out in force running those Hills.  Devin from #360Fit was leading the charge. A surprise which will take us right through til the end of […]

Building a Team Myles

A large part of my day job is spent working with teams. I have a huge passion for teams for two reasons. One, it gives people a sense of purpose. Having a team with an overriding goal gives individuals an opportunity to buy into a vision larger than themselves. The second reason I loves team is that […]

Back on track…

So we’ve been running for one month so far and I feel that I’m getting back into the swing of things.  Soon it will be time to start running and biking home from work, just waiting for the weather to warm up a little bit first.  This morning was -10 and I just can’t handle […]