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Neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail will stop us from running!

I had a great run on Saturday in the “Nova Scotia trifecta”…rain,snow,and sleet. It was a chilly start but once you got going your determination took over. I felt so good after I stayed and ran some hill drills. I feel great today because I recharged with delicious chocolate milk….yummo! #rechargewithmilk. Check out their contest […]

Pampered Feet

For years now I have know that my feet require some much needed love and support. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Centric – LifeMARK Health @LMCentricATL on Thursday night And all I can say is that technology is amazing. Goodbye plaster casting and hello computers and scanners.  Paul Makinen was great in not only staying […]

Is my knee getting better?

I have been stretching and working on my left knee for about two weeks now. Also I have been trying to increase the strength of my inner quads. Both recommendations were from my physiotherapist Karen Decker. I saw her last Wednesday and she said that I’m making improvements. Sure doesn’t feel that way. On Saturday […]