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Better Late Than Never

Starting out with Team Myles I knew that my work schedule was going to make things difficult. Having to miss 2 consecutive group runs every other week has made it hard for me to stay on track with the group. That along with other things in life I’ve not been able to get on many […]

“I am a runner!”

Finished my first whole 10k run tonight! I did 8 intervals of the 7:1s in just over an hour. My time I set for myself for the Bluenose 10k was going to be an hour and twenty minutes.. pretty reasonable. Until tonight when I smashed that goal! Really starting to feel like I can say […]

Crazy Committed

Have you been called a crazy runner yet? If not, don’t be surprised if it happens and if/when it does, please take it as a compliment Crazy for running in snow/hail/rain. Crazy for running when it’s really hot out. Crazy for running at the crack of dawn. Crazy for running late at night after a […]

I Love Running

I love running. And I’m not saying it because I have to. I honestly love it. I love the feeling of running up the mountain(you can call it a hill if you want but to me it’s a mountain). I love the high fives at the top. I love the team. I love the cheering. […]