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10 k in the books.

When I started this journey 10 weeks ago I am not sure what I really expected to get out of it.  Yes learn to run a 5 or 10 k, a gym membership for use while doing the training,  personal assessment from Lifemark,  coaches to help us along the way etc etc. This was all […]

One More Sleep!

Better late then never! Hi Everyone, My name is Lillian! Mother to my daughter Tehya 15 and son Kahlil 18. Married to Sobaz for 25 years in September. Who is Lillian?? I grew up in North Halifax. Have 5 siblings. I am the eldest daughter. Parents separated when I was young. Left Halifax for Ontario […]

Embrace the journey

Wow! It’s really less than a week away? Where has the time gone? I’ll be honest. My life outside of Team Myles in the last couple months has been BUSY. But no more busy then all of yours. I read your posts/blogs and hear your stories. We all have other commitments. We all have busy. […]

Bounce Back

I don’t think I really understood what I was getting myself into when this all started in March, not completely anyway. 10ks is a lot of ground to cover, it sounds overwhelming when I say it out loud even now. Even though I know I can run it my mind still likes to  play little tricks on […]


In early March I had no idea that this would, or even could, happen!! At the first Team Myles meeting they said we would be running 10k in just under 3 months time. I thought ‘These people are nuts! There is no way! I will humor them for now, then switch to the 5k when […]