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Myles’ Knee Trouble

Just recovering today from hill training last night. I just wanted to mention that I wasn’t able to complete all of the workout with the team since my knee started to hurt a bit during the sprints up citadel hill. Devin, our trainer, insisted that I listen to my body and stop before I really […]

Myles Returns!

Hello there, it’s me again, Myles. I’ve returned to the team this year as a mentor and I’m very excited for the responsibility that comes with this role! I had such great support last year, it’s time to give back. We have such a wonderful group of people this year! The launch dinner was a […]

March 15th – Saturday run at Point Pleasant Park

It was a breezy and a bit chilly this morning in #Halifax …….feeling a weeeee bit more like Spring ……….right up to the point when I slipped on a sneaky piece of ice camouflaged as snow………………….a gentle reminder that it’s not Spring quite yet:) Luke #Aerobics First came to run with us this morning……..a great surprise!!  He […]

Let There Be Light!

Last night’s hill training was a really weird experience…because it was done in the day light! The days are getting longer and (theoretically) it will be getting warmer as we approach the tougher parts of the training. I was blown away by how easy all the Team Myles folks performed on the hills last night. […]