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Ups and downs

This week has been full of ups and downs and none of them involved hills! Tuesday morning was fantastic i killed 2 goals at once by hitting a 40lb weight loss and getting in to the 170’s! Then tuesday night was the truro run and it was definitely down hill for me. I dont want […]


  Today’s weight is: 178.8lbs I worry a lot about what people think of me and I spend too much time with people that think very little of me. So last time i told you i would get more into my fitness experience. Years ago I played rugby in high school but I wasn’t very […]


I got my “run” in today. It started off nice and sunny then changed to a massive downpour and sleet and some flurries. The puddle were deep my feet were soaked, parts of the shoulder were washed away and i turned a corner to face a hill just as my c2k coach said “start running […]

First group run

We had our first group run tonight and it was nothing like i expected. It was easier than i thought, although it was my first time running on pavement and i found myself getting charley horses in my calves which has never happened before. Everyone was at a different pace so i never felt out […]