Ouch! My knee hurts

I promised myself before I started to train with #TeamMyles for the #BlueNoseMarathon that I would keep my whining to a minimum. Marathoning is after all a #FirstWorldPursuit with #FirstWorldProblems. So, I’ll keep it short. Promise. My left knee hurts,  and on the advice of  #TeamMyles coach @DevinSherrington from #360fit,   I headed off to […]


You know the saying, Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.  I think it should continue on to say, just don’t forget to stop and recognize those moments before they float away. Saturday is a day full of moments. The the sun is […]

A great run today

This first Spring morning was also the first time I’ve run without pain and without “having” to walk and “having” to stretch every few minutes.  I ran 4 minutes, walked a minute for about 4 or so kms.  It felt amazing.  Not fast but not stopped either:)   I spend 2 hours in physio yesterday […]

Moving Forward

  My left side/shoulder neuralgia pain  (  the stuff that lingers after you have shingles)  flares up during the 6 minute dash up the Hill on Tuesday’s training night.  I’ve recently learned that it gets triggered by certain movement – who knew that running affected the upper body 🙂 ? As a result, my dash, well, […]