Let There Be Light!

Last night’s hill training was a really weird experience…because it was done in the day light! The days are getting longer and (theoretically) it will be getting warmer as we approach the tougher parts of the training. I was blown away by how easy all the Team Myles folks performed on the hills last night. […]

Myles in PAIN!

At our recent hill training, March 19th on the Citadel I experienced the worst pain ever in my 10 years. I think it might have had to do with the 500g container of greek yogurt I ate before tackling hill training. I think it was our 4th interval up the hill when I got a […]

Myles’ gain in strength!

So we did our run on the 16th of March and it was 4 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking for 60 minutes total. I can’t believe I’m already strong enough to do this! I guess you’re a runner before you know it. I’m really surprised and delighted that I’m becoming so good […]


I start thinking about it every Tuesday morning and its in the back of my mind all day.   It haunts me, taunts me,  and I swear it gets steeper and higher every single week.  I look at the weather  forecast thinking maybe I don’t have to go, I think maybe I don’t feel good, I have […]