Up’s and Down’s

This week has been a roller coaster!! On Wednesday I unfortunately had plans in the evening and I knew would miss hills training. So Myself and Sean decided we would make our own hills night! We got out early around 5pm (so we could make it to our dinner plans in time), headed to the […]

Ding Dong!

I had an epiphany tonight.  I was out for a walk and thinking about things like how disappointing my run was  yesterday, will I ever be able to run 10k again, why am I putting myself through this,  the view from the bridge is so pretty but running it sucks, and then suddenly it hit me.  This Team Myles journey […]

Bridge – ‘Nuff Said!

I’m not sure what I was expecting – I honestly haven’t spent much time thinking about race day and definitely not the particular route we’d be running on that day, so I wasn’t really mentally prepared for yesterday’s first run along the front half of the Scotiabank Blue Nose 10k race route.  Maybe if I […]

Feeling Energized

Today is the beginning of week 8 and there are so many wonderful things happening for everyone on Team Myles 2018, individuals are reaching 10K before the run and it is so awesome to see. Watching runners exceed their own expectations, and to be able to be a witness to it, I am grateful to […]

Getting out of my own Head

This morning’s run started off rough. I couldn’t find my Bluetooth headphones before coming to the run, which rattled me because I don’t like listening to my own breath when running. I find it throws me off and slows me down. Once I got running on the concrete, which is the worst thing for my […]

So many emotions

Today was a great day, got to witness so many first once again.  First for many to run over the MacDonald Bridge and to find out that so many people have the same fear of heights. So proud of each person that overcame that fear today, I know that it wasn’t easy for any of […]


I woke up a bit nervous this morning. Our Sunday morning long run was going to include the bridge! The bridge that I had heard was a beast to get over with it’s steady incline and distance of 1.3km’s. As I got ready to go, the worry continued- How windy would it be on the […]