My first blog post EVER!  Wow, do I ever feel old saying that!! haha I enjoyed the launch party and getting to meet everyone on the team. It’s so crazy looking at a room full of people that you don’t know while realizing that these people  will become so important to you in just a […]

Feed the Machine!

Spent a good hour cooking tonight. Now I have the majority of my meals ready to eat this week. I haven’t meal prepped like this for ages, but I remember a time when I did. My week became so much more easier! With having to only worry about breakfast and snacks, it shaves off so […]


Well this is definitely outside my comfort zone but it’s time for me to push some of my boundaries! I’m beyond excited to begin this journey with some absolutely amazing people by my side! I’ve never been a runner before but I hope this experience gets me hooked and I keep running afterwards! This isn’t […]

New adventures

Hi everyone. This is completely new to me and is stretching the comfort zone but i am in it till the finish line. #TeamMylesTruro2017. So looking forward to this. Being able to run a marathon with my daughter (who is also aTeam Myles member) and 2 of my Bestest and closest friends. Together we will […]

Back into the motions

It’s been about 8 months since my last run and let me tell you, I’m beyond excited to lace up those babies!  The next few months are going to be such a great experience! Can’t wait to meet new people and hear their inspirational stories!! Better yet;  I can’t wait to cross that finish line […]

New to me

This is all new to me.  Running …. blogging. … where do I start. .. how do I do it properly? ?? Well I guess that’s why I am here.  #TeamMylesTruro2017. #Bluenosemarathon2017. To learn what I am supposed to do properly so I can get across that finish line in May. Super excited and can’t […]