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Every time I start a run I look for excuses to not run. It’s too cold; It’s too wet; It’s too slippery; I’m tired; I don’t feel well; My water bottle isn’t clean; My favourite top is in the wash. It goes on and on. Let’s face it, unless I have someone to go with […]


I usually head out to each run with not much thought or concern to the run itself. I’ve done this before when I was on TeamMyles last year.. I know I can do it. I’m in better shape than I was last year. Whether it’s hills or our long Saturday runs, I go and I […]

I’m Back!!

Last year I had the great pleasure of being part of #TeamMyles. When I started I struggled to run 2 minutes non-stop let alone 10k. By the time the Blue Nose Weekend came along I was delighted to be able to complete the 10k with friends I had made over the course of the 12 […]

Go Team Go!!

We started off as a bit of a rag-a-muffin group of individuals and now we are a team of friends and runners ready to take on the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon Weekend by storm! In 2 weeks the training will all be over but looking back, we’ve all gained so much more that to just […]