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I Love Running

I love running. And I’m not saying it because I have to. I honestly love it. I love the feeling of running up the mountain(you can call it a hill if you want but to me it’s a mountain). I love the high fives at the top. I love the team. I love the cheering. […]

But I forgot my elastic

I’m not sure if everyone is like me but sometimes (very frequently actually) the hardest part is getting started.  Taking the first step. Going to the gym. Going out for that run. I look to the workout gods to give me a sign why I don’t have to do it. Last night was no different. […]


I did it. I did it. I DID IT!! I feel like shouting off a rooftop. I feel like telling every single person I pass. After a week of life happening, not getting to the classes a wanted to, not making it to hill night (gee darn right?) after not putting myself first again, I […]