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Awesome night!!!

So tonight was awesome, we ran the actual 10k route non stop!! What an awesome feeling to finish it on such a beautiful night with amazing weather. The sun was shining, just the perfect breeze and a great Team Myles team supporting and cheering each other on every step of the way. In the beginning […]


Not sure how many nights now i’ve done hills but one thing i’ve learned is “JUST DO IT!!!” With everything in life we all can find something else to do when the time comes, but having done it is so much more rewarding.  I’ve learned in this journey discipline and commitment is key.  I have […]

Time to share!!!!

Hello everyone!!!! Well it’s the end of week 2 with #TeamMyles2015 and it’s been a great experience so far.  We have conquered the hills and have surprised ourselves at how well we all did. I am so blessed to have been chosen to do this program through my workplace Scotiabank where i have been employed […]