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10 k in the books.

When I started this journey 10 weeks ago I am not sure what I really expected to get out of it.  Yes learn to run a 5 or 10 k, a gym membership for use while doing the training,  personal assessment from Lifemark,  coaches to help us along the way etc etc. This was all […]


I tried … I tried so hard. But this smoker needs to pace herself. It felt good it really did. My legs and body want to do this but my lungs think NOT. Lol. I may not have did all 4:1 but I did it.  And to me that’s more running/jogging than I was doing […]

New adventures

Hi everyone. This is completely new to me and is stretching the comfort zone but i am in it till the finish line. #TeamMylesTruro2017. So looking forward to this. Being able to run a marathon with my daughter (who is also aTeam Myles member) and 2 of my Bestest and closest friends. Together we will […]

New to me

This is all new to me.  Running …. blogging. … where do I start. .. how do I do it properly? ?? Well I guess that’s why I am here.  #TeamMylesTruro2017. #Bluenosemarathon2017. To learn what I am supposed to do properly so I can get across that finish line in May. Super excited and can’t […]