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Here comes the sun

Training is getting pretty darn real these days. We are at the point that I think if I was asked to run the 10k tomorrow, I could probably pull it off (with much difficulty..but still). In the past few weeks, training has gone from seemingly easy to quite difficult. We’re adding a lot more time […]

Change for a 20-something.

Just like that, we’re over half way through training. When I started this process, I never really understood the caliber of change that I would see in myself. I remember walking into the Team Myles 2016 launch event hosted by Delta Hotels,  all jittery and nervous, and one of the first things that the mentors […]

Tips from a runner-in-training

We’ve now accomplished 3 team runs, 3 hill runs, and countless other training sessions at 360fit, TAYS Yoga, and out on the streets & trails of HRM. I thought at this point, I’d throw out a few reflections/tips/mind tricks for those of you that are (or are thinking of) training along with us: -Don’t look […]

Chubby bunny chubby bunny…

Food. There’s no doubt that I love it. It’s a reward after a long day, it’s a reason to get together with friends, it lets you get creative, learn and experience new things, but it can also be a crutch. I, like many people, am a very emotional eater. A stressful day often calls for a […]