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Upon Reflection…..

It is time to reflect on my journey which has now ended for #TeamMyles training.  I have to say I am definitely sad.  It is hard to articulate what the last 12 weeks have been like.  I put in the application because I saw an opportunity to get back to running, to have something to […]

6 more days……

Its 6 days until the @BluenoseMarathon2015 10k run.  I have mixed emotions.  I am excited to be part of #TeamMyles going into this run but I am also sad that it is almost over. Time has flown and I so enjoyed this journey and feel I have new friends.  I am excited about the entire […]

Running – A Mental Break

Everyone has bad days and good days and they could be a result of work, a personal situation or a combination of both.  I certainly have those and sometimes I wonder how I get through certain stressful days.  Well, thank goodness I have my fitness activities including running. Running provides me with that mental break […]

It’s a Choice!

Well, I went to another #360fit class today.  The boot camp certainly works you to the limits and it is really tough but the draw is there. As tough as it is, I still choose to go back. When I was doing the sprints tonight in the room, I read the quotes on the walls […]

Ups and Downs

Well tonight certainly gave me a perspective on the ups and downs of running.  And I don’t mean the actual running up and then down #CitadelHill.  I mean the fact that some days you feel ‘up’ when you run and then some days you feel ‘down’,  It was really tough tonight as we ran a […]

Never give up

So, this was hill night #3 and boy was it tough. Today was also St. Patrick’s Day.  I decided to take the day off work and spend it with my girlfriends celebrating the occasion knowing very well that I had a tough training night ahead of me.  By the time 6:00 pm rolled by, I […]