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10k race dayy!!

I am so sad. This is my last blog post for Teams Myles 2015.  It was an awesome 10 weeks, got to meet amazing people who kept on encouraging me. Well today was race day and it was amazing!!! At the start it was raining but that won’t stop Teams Myles members, after all […]

Short but sweet

Noo! Only three more weeks left. Wow, time is going by so fast. This was a short week because of weather problems on Tuesday. However, we did manage to do our Saturday run! It was awesome. I had some personal challenges, but I believe the sight of the sun helped me to continue on! I […]

No, the end is near.

Well, let me start off by saying that I believe Spring has finally sprung. The hill this week was a bit harder than last week because the time frame was increased, but it was a lot warmer! Yoga was really awesome and calming this week too especially after a long week and a very tiring […]

Halfway there!

So this week was again awesome! However, I realize that the 10K is only 5 weeks away (sorry to bring it up). The hills were not too bad this week except that I found it still a bit chilly (like really where is Spring?). The picture below shows the journey I had to make in […]

Week 3 is here! ^_^

This week, we only managed to do the hills because of winter. Even though it was only one day of training, it was a bit more intense than the previous 2 weeks. This is because we ran up the hill both sideways and then backwards. I was really nervous to run up the hill backwards, […]