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5k day

It’s here!! I can’t beliteve it. Yesterday was volunteer afternoon with Team Myles and it was so much fun! We handed out kits and got to “meet” all the 10k runners. That’s tomorrow! Going to do a light jog and some walking today with my Johnson coworkers and Team Myles 5k peeps. Going to be […]

Yoga Thursday!

Tonight I am heading to Therapeutic Yoga Approach Studio with some of the team and I can’t wait! I really need a good stretch after our Tuesday night run on the hill. Feeling really good so far. Hills are getting easier…a bit. I am worried about the long run though as I have missed a […]

Legs on fire

So Devin decided to celebrate St. Paddy’s day by having us run up and down Citadel Hill sideways, backwards, and of course not forgetting to include our regular sprints! My legs burned like fire and I can still feel a little flame. Looking forward to our long run Saturday morning and getting geared up thanks to […]

Week 3

Crazy how it’s almost a full three weeks since our #teammyles training started! I have a couple of videos to post at some point! Tonight is hill run number 3 and it’s cold outside!! Knowing an entire team of people will also be there, freezing our buns off and running up and down Citadel hill together and […]