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In early March I had no idea that this would, or even could, happen!! At the first Team Myles meeting they said we would be running 10k in just under 3 months time. I thought ‘These people are nuts! There is no way! I will humor them for now, then switch to the 5k when […]

Turning Point

This past Tuesday something happened. I had small glimpses of it before, but really felt it this time. That euphoric feeling that occasionally comes with running! A group of us got together and did our 9×5:1’s and it was a nice day (finally!!!). I am not saying it was easy, because it definitely wasn’t ….actually […]

Hills, night 1

Wow. That was hard. Way harder than I imagined, and I imagined it would be pretty hard! And I didn’t think I would be so bad at it! I just didn’t see that coming. Wow! I couldn’t catch my breath and my legs just wouldn’t go. And I was trying! Plus, I almost burst into […]