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Arrested Development

Today’s weight is 177.7lbs I lost a couple of pounds this week, but really it was only because I worked on a film set last weekend and i didn’t eat anything. This was both because I didn’t have time and because when my stress levels are high my fear of germs controls my life. Because […]

Holy Hills Batman

Today’s weight is: i have no sweet clue but i know it’s too much. So the Bluenose is coming up soon, which is exciting. But also kind of terrifying because my experience with Team Myles will end and i’m sure i will just stop working out or being consistent just like last year after the […]

Listen to your body

Today’s weight is: uhhhh probably the same as yesterday :p I’m going to cover a few things in todays blog. An update on my pain/shoes, a rundown of todays long run and more period talk because I think it’s important. Today’s run was probably my best to date with team myles (and i didn’t even […]


  Today’s weight is: 178.8lbs I worry a lot about what people think of me and I spend too much time with people that think very little of me. So last time i told you i would get more into my fitness experience. Years ago I played rugby in high school but I wasn’t very […]

Today’s weight is

Today’s weight is: 176.1 lbs Welcome to my portion of the Team Myles blog! I’m so glad you could make it, settle in and get comfy. I hope to make this blog as genuine and honest as possible, and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you don’t, please feel free to throw tomatoes at […]