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Bridge – ‘Nuff Said!

I’m not sure what I was expecting – I honestly haven’t spent much time thinking about race day and definitely not the particular route we’d be running on that day, so I wasn’t really mentally prepared for yesterday’s first run along the front half of the Scotiabank Blue Nose 10k race route.  Maybe if I […]

Nervous Nelly

This has been a good week so far but I’m still a little nervous. This weekend I strung together 2 great runs – a great short run on Saturday with my Mentor, Alisha and a great long run on Sunday with “Speedy Gonzales” Marsha where I not only got all my intervals completed but I […]

Feel like a runner

So week 3 is underway and our long run on Sunday went much better than anticipated. Last week was lacking in motivation so I skipped a lot of my own training days – which means I expected Sunday’s long run to be really really awful. But it wasn’t. I actually did all my 3:1 intervals […]

Well sh#t!

So my worst nightmare about this running thing came true. I seriously crashed and burned on hill night. I was nervous all day for what was in store and it was a cold and blustery night on that hill. It was only going to be 10 minutes, 30 second intervals. I could do this….nope. Not […]

I made it!

I am so far out of my comfort zone, I can’t even see the line anymore…. Sunday morning I woke up and fought off all 1, 423 excuses that flew through my panicked brain as to why I could not get my butt into Halifax to do my first Team Myles run. I got dressed […]