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Storms Shifts and SWAG!

Well, the storm certainly made for an interesting week! I didn’t get much running in, with the messy roads and our long run being cancelled on Saturday. I did manage to get lots of shovelling done. Cross training… I’ll take it however I can get it! The weather seems to be the second most frustrating […]

Hills: Round 3

Tonight I really didn’t feel like running. I’ll admit it. I thought up every possible excuse to not leave the house. I could clean my house. I could reorganize my cupboards. Anything but run. I sat on my couch all dressed, sneakers and all, dreading the thought of that hill. It was honestly a struggle […]

Hills: Week 2

Survived hills night number 2! It was much nicer out than last week, temperature-wise. My lungs felt a lot better than last week, but my legs were not any more cooperative. To be fair, I AM hauling approximately 100lbs extra weight up and down that hill compared to my soccer-playing athletic teenage years… So I […]

First Long Run

Today was our first long run at Point Pleasant Park. After navigating the skating rink in the parking lot we had a good cheer and off we went! Devin, being the sly trickster he is, changed things up from the planned “walk 1 min run 1 min” formula to “walk 1 min run 2 mins” […]

Hills Night #1

Current temperature in Halifax: -12 degrees C. Yes. MINUS TWELVE. Tonight was our first Team Myles training session. Citadel hill. We did 10 sprints of 30 seconds up the hill, and finished it off by going all the way to the top. Hardest run I’ve ever done! I sat out sprint #3 because my butt […]