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Patting myself on the back

I have a few things to be proud of this week regarding my #BlueNose2015 training and I’m gonna brag about it First, last Saturday’s run was bananas. We ran 5&1s in cold, cold, COLD rain. It was very satisfying to finish that challenging run (and even more satisfying to hop into my dry, warm car […]

Backwards? Why not!

First of all: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Tonight #TeamMyles celebrated by participating in the time-old, classic and true Irish tradition of running up a crazy hill in bone-chilling temperatures… backwards! Who needs Guiness to keep warm?!?  Not Team Myles! In all seriousness, tonight was awesome! We did some regular sprints, sidesteps and backward drills. We finished […]

Have you SEEN Citadel Hill?

Team Myles so far has already been an amazing experience! We’re approaching the end of week 2 of training for #BlueNose2015 and I already see progress. We started our #TeamMyles journey together at the Delta Halifax in the beautiful Bluenose room, overlooking the Halifax Harbour. After a great meal, presentations and a few pep talks, […]