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Crazy Committed

Have you been called a crazy runner yet? If not, don’t be surprised if it happens and if/when it does, please take it as a compliment Crazy for running in snow/hail/rain. Crazy for running when it’s really hot out. Crazy for running at the crack of dawn. Crazy for running late at night after a […]

Body vs. Mind

Did you know your body is always trying to tell you something? It’s pretty fascinating when you think about it. The unfortunate part is that we all get so busy and caught up in day to day we stop listening. It’s a struggle. When to listen to the physical and when to listen to the […]

Happy Dance!

Today was the second long group run for Halifax and the first time I’ve been able to run alongside this amazing team and it felt SO good! *Happy Dance!* You all have one week behind you and as expected it’s been a harder week for some then others. There’s some muscles out there yelling at […]

Embrace the journey

Wow! It’s really less than a week away? Where has the time gone? I’ll be honest. My life outside of Team Myles in the last couple months has been BUSY. But no more busy then all of yours. I read your posts/blogs and hear your stories. We all have other commitments. We all have busy. […]

Because I can

Note: As you read this image I just want to say that I am not implying that you take your ability to run for granted. I just know that I have before, which is why I share this, but I am not implying that you do Heads up, it’s a longer blog – Running brings […]

We’re a team

The Team Myles staff and coaches may have selected who was on this team but you all are what actually makes it true to it’s definition: “to come together as a team to achieve a common goal”. We may only be 2 weeks into the program but I can already see this team coming together […]

Winter Warriors

You did it!! First hills night is now behind you and you all rocked it! I’m so proud of you all I feel like I owe you all an apology… like this bad weather is my fault and I’m cursed haha Melissa reminded me that last year every night I coached Team Myles on hills […]

You did it!

Halifax!! Run #1 is complete, you did it and I am so proud of each of you! (I’m proud of you too Truro and can’t wait to meet you all). Whether I had the opportunity to talk with you today or not, I want you to know that you are STRONG and you did great! […]

You’re not alone

And in walks the coach who’s never blogged before… I’m currently fixated on why my face (picture) isn’t showing up beside my name haha I promise I’m not vain, I’m just not technically savvy. I may have never officially blogged but I do have a Facebook page where I have been sharing my fitness journey […]