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Accountability vs Duty

In the past when I discussed accountability I essentially meant that I would feel bad if I didn’t show up, because I said I would show up, and people could call me out on it. As the entirety of Team Myles moves forward, I feel a new type of accountability: Duty. My sense of duty comes […]

Motivation Situation

I always feel more motivated to run in the rain, wind, or snow. I have been thinking about this a lot over the last 18 months or so, and I think it is due to the lack of expectations. When everything is perfect (no wind, not exhausted from work, life going well), I put a […]

Blog 2: by Blur

Hello Week Three!   So we are just getting into week three of training, and things could not be going better. The initial shock of waking up early on Sunday is over, the aches and pains from running seemed to have left, and everyone on Team Myles 2018 seems to be more and more motivated! […]