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I love running!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to run on Sunday. Friday night on the way to Pictou I got hit with a headache so bad I had to turn around and go back home (and miss a rib-eye steak dinner waiting for me). By Saturday it was near migraine status and […]

West Coast Myles

I did something I’ve never done before last week…well actually several things. The first: Take my running gear on vacation The second: Go for a solo run voluntarily in a cold rain The third: Crack 5K A little background. I’m a non-runner. I haven’t gone to the gym/exercised regularly in years. I do walk to work […]

And so Week Two begins…

Today’s run was great again. I’m not a runner and haven’t been to the gym regularly in years. My friend used to joke about my charitable contributions to Nubody’s (yes the last time I had a membership it was still Nubody’s before GoodLife took it over). She said when you pay for a  membership and only go two […]