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So Much Support

I am at the precipice of hitting my 10k mark. On Week 2 of couch to 10k and week 6 of Team Myles. I hit 9.40k yesterday, 5 min walk, three 15min runs with two 1 minute walk intervals, and a 5 min cool down. 9.40k in 57mins! I never thought I would be at […]

Time for Fundraising!

Team Myles isn’t just about the training and the actual running. We volunteer with the Bluenose Marathon, and we raise money with the Scotiabank Charity Challenge. There are a few charities that are close to home for me. Great causes like The Alzheimer Society of Nova Scotia, and many Cancer reasearch charities made it hard to […]

Why Now? The Perfect Storm

Firstly, My name is Alex. Signing up for Team Myles was a stretch for me. It involves two things I thought I’d hate the most; running, and exercising in public. Just over 5 years ago I was sitting at 330lbs, the heaviest I’ve been. I was unhappy with myself, and I was falling back into […]