Growing Mindset, Running for the Name on the Front of the Shirt

One of my goals this year has been to read more and undergo more personal development. Currently, I am finishing the book Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck. My last two years mentally have been consumed with focusing on creating a sustainable lifestyle change and not just having another failed weight loss attempt. In that time I have faced a lot of demons, particularly related to body image, self worth and emotional eating. In many aspects of my life, I am driven with a growth mindset and I was able to fuel that with learning every step of my weight loss journey to date.

Running was another challenge to conquer, however it was one that I had a fixed mindset of in the beginning. I brought this up on one of my earlier blogs. Even in playing sports growing up, running was not a strong suit. I was pretty much fixed going into this process that I wouldn’t like running, and I was sure as heck only going to do the 5kms. I have huge fear of failure, and when it rears its head, it can be crippling so the 5km is what I felt I was comfortable with doing at the time.

Like with the rest of my lifestyle change journey, running has been another area that humbled me.

I had to look failure in the eye this past Saturday. Previously to me, coming in last meant that I failed. It’s been bred into me playing and watching sports and the competitive person in me does not want, nor does it like, to be last. Being part of Team Myles has showed me that it doesn’t matter where you finish, that it matters most that you finished. Having my mentor Nicole and my cousin Lorraine come to meet me to finish the last 0.5km plus meant so much, and to see the rest of my fellow teammates that ran on Saturday cheering hard at the finish line was an amazing feeling; that even though I was last across the line it did not matter, it mattered I crossed the line.

That said,┬áit wasn’t just my victory I celebrated that day, it really was all about celebrating what we, as a team, accomplished that day. We proved we could run the full race route and for people who just started this journey two short months before, it is outright impressive. We all should be proud of how far we have come on this journey.

Saturday, I looked fear in the eye, but I ran for the name on the front of my shirt, not for the name on the proverbial back of the shirt like in sport. I have pushed through this past two plus months because of my fellow teammates and I honestly cannot wait for race day. You ALL inspire me.


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