Time flies when your having fun!

Hey Guys! Figured I’d write a quick update since we are about half way through our training! I can’t believe how fast it is going by! Time flies when your having fun! Last Sunday, I decided to switch things up a bit. I found myself focusing way too much on my watch and tracking the intervals we were doing so I ditched the 5:1’s. I just ran. I took a walk break a few times when  I really needed it and focused more on pushing myself during the run. It felt so good to not be so focused on the numbers! Shout out to mentor Melissa C for the motivation and chats during the run! I have done a few long runs on my own and I have been consistently able to hit 7km + and it feels great!  That 10k goal seems so much less scary now. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s group run. I run SO much better on group runs, the motivation just keeps me going! I also checked out a hot yoga session at Moksha Yoga Halifax last week, my muscles were so happy!! The class was great for beginners and I will definitely be going again.  That’s it for now!          Happy Running ☺️                                                      Cindy                                                                           CC4B2CE1-9EC8-4EA2-A626-D38DF292A75C

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