So many emotions

Today was a great day, got to witness so many first once again.  First for many to run over the MacDonald Bridge and to find out that so many people have the same fear of heights. So proud of each person that overcame that fear today, I know that it wasn’t easy for any of us.  I did try to look out over the harbor at one point but just couldn’t do it. To read so many post after the fact that people where able to take control of their fear and stare it down, well done.

So there where a couple of other great highlights today, couple of great compliments from other team members running behind me and making comments on my “behind”, lol. Thank you Melissa Hilchey and Shauna MacNeil you sure know how to make a gal feel good when starting out on 8 8:81’s. Photo courtesy of Melissa Hilchey.

My Butt

And then there was my POD, these ladies are some of the strongest ladies I have ever had the opportunity to meet.  They all conquered those 8:1’s today like champions.  They all did so amazingly well, Becky White, Cindy Haines, Jocely Hiltz and Stephanie Clark I couldn’t be prouder to be your mentor, POD mate, team mate and friend.

POD April 22

Today one of our team mates messaged just as we where getting ready to start to say don’t wait for me as I am not feeling well and then BOOM there she was at the start line ready to give it a go.  Cindy you started the run not sure of how far you would get today due to not feeling well. I’m not going to lie, when I seen you on the bridge I looked at Stephanie and said, Cindy is killing it for someone who is not feeling so well.  And you did you killed it today.  And then there is Stephanie, at yoga on Thursday night I kind of jokingly said to Stephanie and Cindy that they would get their 10k today, with Cindy not feeling the best I told Stephanie that we where still going to give it our best shot to get it done. And we did, or I should say she did, Stephanie you did amazing today and to find out that your goal on race day was to finish in 80 minutes and knowing that you did it today in 73 minutes.  I can’t wait to see what you actually do on race day.  Jocelyn seeing that you are running side by side with my old POD mate from last year Chrissy I know you are in good hands.  Becky, just back from vacation and learning that there was going to be a change in where we start our runs. You did amazing and I love reading your blog and seeing that you turned back around and went back to the toll  booths because you knew you had time to get it done.  You four ladies are the reason why I love this program, to be a witness to your accomplishments and to see you crush your goals that you have for yourself is so gratifying to me.  #KICKINGA$$PHALT bonded for life.

Stephanie 10k10k Bridge

Not only our POD but this entire team is truly amazing and I so look forward to spending time with each and everyone of you each week. After an amazing morning with this team I got to go and speed the afternoon with my little monkey man (Jackson).  No matter what kind of day I am having he can put a smile on my face so when I am having a great day already then it is just icing on the cake to get to spend time with him.

Monkey Man

Just 4 more Hill nights and 3 more long runs until RACE DAY, where as the time gone.  Just seems like we just started and here we are just a few short weeks away. “WE LOVE RUNNING” “WE ARE DIMES”







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