Prepping for the Week

One of my challenges besides being consistent with exercise is eating right. I usually do one really well and not the other. Well we are on our sixth week and I am feeling like I can incorporate planning my meals for the week. It is time consuming in the moment, but it is so worth while during the week. I work full time, have two boys and a husband that I need to prepare meals for and lunches everyday besides myself, plus do all of the work into preparing for the 10k, which I tend to train on our off run days, right after work and I usually don’t get home until 7ish or later depending on what the plan is. So prepping for the week for me is essential so I can still eat healthy and my family is taken care of with less guilt for my training. So today is Sunday and I spent the afternoon prepping, please see a picture of my weeks meals except Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s dinner.

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