Keeping up from a distance

I’ve been down in the American South for a couple weeks and trying to keep up with my training from a distance. Luckily there is Facebook, Instagram and this blog, so I can follow along with how everyone is doing. Even with all these tools, it’s been hard to keep up the motivation when I’m running on my own. I like to chat during runs because it’s the best way to be distracted and get into that “auto pilot” mode. Here, I rely on music and podcasts and taking goofy pictures. It works well sometimes but nothing matches running alongside a team!

Going on runs while in new cities is a great way to explore. For example, today I’m in Chattanooga, Tennessee and I ran to the Montague Park Sculpture Fields. I had no idea what it was, but Google maps told me it was about the right distance away for today’s intervals and away from main roads. Turns out it is literally a field of giant sculptural art, and it just so happens that today is the spring “sculpture burn.” They’re installing a new sculpture that will be lit on fire after sunset. Not the kind of thing you find by sticking to main streets and brochures!

So there are definite positives to vacation runs. On the tougher side, I’ve been having a lot of Achilles’ tendon pain, which is slowing me down and making running very difficult. When I’m back in town I can call on Running Room and Lifemark for help but for the time being I just have to stick it out and keep running the best I can.

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