I love running!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to run on Sunday. Friday night on the way to Pictou I got hit with a headache so bad I had to turn around and go back home (and miss a rib-eye steak dinner waiting for me). By Saturday it was near migraine status and I couldn’t get out of bed all day without feeling like a knife was being driven into my eyes.

I woke up feeling fine on Sunday but as I got dressed to go to Lifemark for a pre-run talk I was worried. Between missing the Easter Sunday group run while I was in Vancouver, Saturday’s headache and a funeral in Pictou County on Thursday, I had only managed to go for one solo run (a 5:1), the hills run and a memorable hot yoga class this week (Thanks Nicole Mauger for organizing).

Jill’s talk was funny and inspiring with good advice, ideas that I could see myself putting into practice, not unattainable aspirations.

I don’t exactly know how far I ran…I forgot to turn on my Garmin at the beginning of the run and think I may have been eight or 10 minutes late. And I didn’t follow the intervals at first, catching up with my colleague Jocelyn Hiltz for the first bit and my podmate Tracy who I never get to chat with after that (Tracy is usually a much faster runner than I am but had been told to cut her pace because of knee issues so I had a welcome chance to run with her, though I am sorry it is because her knee is giving her so many problems).

As I hadn’t turned on my watch, I didn’t pay attention to the intervals as my watch was out of sync with the other runners. Also, I had noticed a lot of posts from people saying they had much better runs without intervals so I thought I’d try it. But turns out, I need the intervals. I run much better knowing I’ll be able to walk for a minute. So I got myself back onto the 6:1 pace.

I high-fived a lot of runners and yelled I Love Running at the top of my voice. And on that run, I really did love running. In fact, I didn’t remember till too late I’d forgotten to turn on my watch so I was late turning around and worried that everyone would be gone when I got back to LifeMark. Fortunately Rory who had run much further caught me on his way back and ran with me for the remainder of my run, all the way back to LifeMark. Thanks Rory! Not only did I learn all about life as a mascot, running with Rory, my last three kilometres were all about 7 min 45, and I’d never done a kilometre under 8 mins before, in fact my best before was around 8:30. Mostly thought it was so nice to have Rory’s company and support as I ran to the end to cheers from the whole group.

So thanks Jill, your advice worked!

And any run that ends with mini cream puffs and rice krispy squares is sure to put the smile on my face with an acknowledgement that yes, I do love running! Words I never thought I’d utter….


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