“I am a runner!”

Finished my first whole 10k run tonight! I did 8 intervals of the 7:1s in just over an hour. My time I set for myself for the Bluenose 10k was going to be an hour and twenty minutes.. pretty reasonable. Until tonight when I smashed that goal! Really starting to feel like I can say “I am a runner!” And feel great about it because of how far I’ve progressed over these last few weeks.

There was a lot of cursing to myself, kicking myself in the beginning cause it was cold, didn’t really feel up to it, looking at my distance or time and thinking I had less time or distance to go than I actually did, and a lot of sighing. After getting into it and seeing that I also finished the first 5k in just over 26 minutes (my fastest ever was 35) I had to keep pushing to see if I could 1) get to 10k and 2) see how fast I could get it done.

Over these last few weeks I felt myself get stronger, have more endurance and stamina with running and a confidence that I could do this. I can actually do this! Which is an amazing feeling. Shout out to all my other fellow Team Myles members pushing themselves, becoming faster and stronger with every step you take.



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