Highs & Lows!

After Sundays session with Jill, I was feeling extremely motivated to really push hard this week. On Monday I had time to get out for a 5k run and decided to try doing it without intervals. I had such a great run! I felt light on my feet, the time seemed to go by quickly and I was feeling happy with the progress I was making. I did the 5k in 37 minutes with no intervals. Diming!

Then came Tuesdays run. Not sure why- maybe my body was tired from pushing it the day before, maybe I hadn’t eaten enough to properly fuel myself for the long run, or maybe it was just an off day- but this run was a struggle! Within the first minute the negative self talk had started- “this is horrible, I’m sore, I don’t need to run today, I did great yesterday, maybe I need to take today off!” It took 12 minutes for my mind to settle into the run. To accept that I was going to run 63 minutes, to accept that I was going to run 8k today, and to accept that I WAS NOT GOING TO QUIT! And then there was a shift and things got a bit easier. It was still a long, tough run, but both my mind and my body were in agreement that this was happening! When the GPS on my phone announced “you have reached 8km” it was a pretty amazing feeling!

Yesterday I also had my assessment with Lifemark Dietician Amanda Grant. I really enjoyed the experience and she gave me some great recommendations on improving my diet and ensuring that I’m eating properly at the right times during the day to ensure that I have enough energy for my training. Who knew a can of soup wasn’t the best lunch option 🙂 Looking forward to implementing her recommendations and incorporating diet into my Team Myles training.

Team Myles has been an incredible experience so far! 5 weeks to go! We got this!

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