Hello from the other sideeeeee

Hi friends,

I am alive! Strange right? I know I kind of fell off the face of the the earth and this is the longest I’ve been awake in 3 days… good news (to those who knew) I DONT HAVE MONO!!! Just really bad strep… but I’m on medication and on the mend. I fell asleep after Saturday’s race and just realized now I have quite a few people I need to say thank you to. Kristen, thank you for pulling me through that race on Saturday even if I walked nearly every step, thank you for chatting, distracting me, and inspiring me. I love you:)!!!

Melissa C, thank you for checking in, adjusting my training and never letting me get down on myself for feeling behind. You are an incredible mentor and I’m so lucky to be a part of your pod. Thanks for my race hat as well as dealing with my ponytail shenanigans.

Alisha, thank you for being there every time I need to talk, and allowing me to be my honest self. You have made this an authentic and open journey for me and you’re one of the reasons I keep pushing.

All of team Myles, thank you!!!! I miss you all, I wish I was @ our run on Sunday! Unfortunately have to miss this Sunday again, I will be racing at run our shore (still have spots in my car if anyone wants to go!!!) but I will see you at hills and please feel free to reach out for other fitness class/gym plans. This girl is getting back on her very tired horse!!  Xo

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