Feeling Motivated & Loving Life – week 8

After returning from a wonderful relaxing vacation in Cuba I was a little nervous about the run this morning. We did manage to get out and run once while on vacation last Sunday and completed the 7:1, however it was extremely hot and we did not make it out again. When received word that we would be runninbeckyg a different route today and that the bridge would be part of the run I was scared to death.

The alarm goes off at 7am and I think to myself, I could miss this one, but within seconds those thoughts passed. I have committed myself to this training and was selected to be part of Team Myles and I will not let the team down nor my Pod “ Kickinga$$phalt” or my mentor Nicole Mauger.

We meet and do our warmup and I am feeling very positive, I’ve got this. So, we start the 8:1 and before long I am running across the MacDonald Bridge and feeling so proud. As I meet others running on the bridge, there are high fives and words of encouragement not only from fellow Team Myles participants but other runners. As I reach 36 minutes, I mistakenly think I am supposed to turn around now, so I do and think if I had only had a few minutes, I could have made it to the tolls, then I realize it was not 36 minutes that I was to turn around, so I turn around and run to the tolls. I then turn around and ran back across the bridge to our starting point and met up with my team mates.

teamMy run today was almost 8km and my pace was 9:59km and I am so proud! Without the help and support of everyone on Team Myles, Scotiabank Bluenose Lifemark Atlantic, Nicole Mauger – my Mentor and Christina Devine – my daughter who encouraged me to sign up for this journey I would not be doing this and loving life as a runner.


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