But I forgot my elastic

I’m not sure if everyone is like me but sometimes (very frequently actually) the hardest part is getting started.  Taking the first step. Going to the gym. Going out for that run. I look to the workout gods to give me a sign why I don’t have to do it.

Last night was no different.  I was on the way home after work and a hair appointment.  After 8:00 at night.  I was pleading with the boyfriend to talk me into going home rather then going to the gym to do my run.  No such luck.  So I sucked it up and drove to the gym rather then home to my nice  warm bed.

I got tot he gym, went in and got changed and it was then I got the sign I was waiting for, I had forgotten my hair elastic. As a woman with long hair how can I run without a hair elastic?  Surely I would have to go home.  But just as I fell into my old avoiding habits I thought of the team.  All those people working with me. Going through this journey with me and I sucked it up.  I went in there and did my 9 5:1.  I did them all.  Ran 5 k in my 54:00 minutes.  I did it. I felt accomplished. I felt amazing.

Even though there are times when you would rather do anything but the challenge ahead, for example hills in the rain tonight, think of all those who are backing you,  suppprting you and going through this journey and having  the exact same feelings as you.  Use them as your motivation and do it for that afterglow.  The feeling of greatness that comes after the challenge.

This journey has been amazing so far. I have had so many people reach out and say how proud they are or how much they love my blogging. It has been such an honour to participate and we are only half way through. Bring on the next half of the challenge !!

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