Body vs. Mind

Did you know your body is always trying to tell you something? It’s pretty fascinating when you think about it. The unfortunate part is that we all get so busy and caught up in day to day we stop listening.

It’s a struggle. When to listen to the physical and when to listen to the mind. What are they saying? Why do they have to contridict each other?

I used to train hard. Daily. I was teaching fitness classes at a local gym and running half marathons. It didn’t happen overnight. I started my journey at 294lbs.

There were days my body was saying no (uncomfortable but not pain). My mind even said no. And I fought through it and had amazing workouts. There were days my mind said yes but my body didn’t and I had great workouts too. There were also days the body said no and I listened. And days the body said no (pain) and I didn’t listen.

I’ll be honest. I’m stubborn. And once you get into a routine of working out so often it’s a mental challenge to take a day off/recover. I’m now seeing lots of Team Myles members struggle with taking a day off or slowing down, not knowing when their bodies need the rest vs their mind and/or old habits sabotaging them.

This isn’t easy. It’s safe to say it’s one of the hardest parts of this experience and one of the biggest lessons to be learned… that likely will take you more then 10 weeks. When is the body telling you to rest and when to push through and challenge yourself.

There isn’t really a clear cut answer for everyone which makes it even harder. My journey could have used more recovery. I know this now. But the best advice I can give is to follow the schedule given to you but stop and listen to your body. Is it uncomfortable (a challenge) but not painful? Then keep going. Is it painful? Stop. Have you worked out hard/a lot this week? Then you need rest. Are you noticing the body feel more fatigued? Then take a day off.

Recovery is not failure. It is not a weakness. Your body is not mad at you. And if it is it will forgive you if you listen and pause. This is my mental struggle and I know I’m not alone.

If you don’t know what your body is saying, ask your mentor/coach. You are not alone <3 and I am so proud of all of you!

Embrace the struggle. Embrace the journey. Embrace this amazing experience and the support it provides you.

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